•  Introduction to Light and Color

    Almost everything you ever wanted to know about color can be understood by understanding the wave-like nature of light.

  •  Color reproduction

    Most color image reproductions can be grouped into one of two main categories – those printed on paper and those displayed on computer and television screens. These two technologies work in similar yet opposite ways. In this article we will look at how color images are reproduced on printers, as well as on computer and television screens.

  •  Color matching and color management

    There is a great need to be able to match colors between real world objects and amongst different types of media, like different computer and television screens, different viewing environments, and different types of paper and ink. Color management is the process that makes this possible.

  •  Limits of color matching

    Ideally it would be possible to match colors under all circumstances. In practice there are many variables that can and do affect the accuracy of color matching.